Professorial Lecture Series

As South Australia’s only research-intensive institution, our professors are some of the best minds in the world. We welcome you to campus for the Professorial Lecture series where we will  introduce new members of the professoriate to the wider university community.

The lectures are held on the last Monday of the month. They are free, open to staff, students and the public. There will be an opportunity for networking with the professor over refreshments following the lecture each month.

Past events

Professor Paula Moynihan

Is sugar the demon it’s made out to be? Sugar Solutions – the Mouth and Beyond.

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Professor Joanne Wallis

Cognitive dissonance? Contradictions in Australia’s Pacific Islands policy and discourse.

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Professor Jodie Conduit

Engaging for Social Good: Using the principles of customer engagement to improve individual and societal well-being.

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Associate Professor Carl Spandler

Unearthing rare earths: Why mining critical metals is vital to our future, and why Australia is well placed to profit.

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Professor Alex Brown

Overcoming health Inequalities experienced by Aboriginal Australians: Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

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