Research Tuesdays

Research Tuesdays

A public lecture series from The University of Adelaide

From tackling Meningococcal B to finding energy solutions for the future, our discoveries make a difference to people's lives across the world.

At Research Tuesdays we share this knowledge, every month. If you're curious about the changing world, we invite you to join us.



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Breathe Easier

X-ray Velocimetry (XV) is a game-changer in lung health, offering unparalleled imaging precision. 

A graphic of lungs

Developed by University of Adelaide researchers, this breakthrough technology offers hope for early detection and tailored treatments, especially for conditions like Cystic Fibrosis. This event was presented on the 14th of November.

The presenters: Associate Professor Martin Donnelley and Associate Professor David Parsons 

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AI's hidden impacts

Imagine searching for a job online, only to learn that the opportunities presented to you are determined by your gender. 

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3 Minute Thesis

Explaining years of research in three minutes, using only one PowerPoint slide. That’s the challenge 10 of our PhD students will tackle in the national Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition.

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Superbug solutions

Superbugs—antibiotic-resistant bacteria bolstered by over-prescription and unchecked use in farming—are wreaking havoc on global health, claiming over 1.3 million lives annually. 

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