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Music and technology

Woman standing in music installation with headphones

The Discovery Pod | Season 1, Episode 8 
The Power of Music. How technology is helping us immerse, interact, and realise music's benefit?

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Food and water security

Murray river aerial shot. Image credit to iStock.

The Discovery Pod | Season 1, Episode 7 
Access to food and water is set to become the next conflict horizon. So how do we secure the future of food and water for all?

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Renewable energy

Wind turbines with a cloudy sky

The Discovery Pod | Season 1, Episode 6 
Cracking the code – finding new ways to power our nation and drive the manufacturing economy.

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Pregnancy and parental health

Baby feet held by hands of two adults

The Discovery Pod | Season 1, Episode 5
The gift of life. How do we build healthy habits today, to give our children the best start in life.

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