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Bringing oyster reefs back from extinction

Ostrea angasi reef

Oyster reefs carpeted thousands of kilometers of Australian coastline 200 years ago, but were dredged to near extinction within a century of colonial settlement. An ambitious nationwide restoration program now seeks to bring them back. In South Australia, the largest reef restoration in the Southern Hemisphere, Windara Reef, was constructed in 2017 to restore the ecosystem of the native mud oyster, Ostrea angasi, off the Yorke Peninsula.

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Vax unpacked

A vaccine being administered into someone's arm

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 1
Vaccinations are the global frontline in public health. So how do they protect us from disease? What are the different ways of making them? And why were COVID-19 vaccines able to be made so much faster than others?

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What people’s beef is with gene editing?

Australian cattle

Gene editing in the beef industry could provide significant new strategies for producing far superior livestock. It could be used to produce cattle that are heathier, more environmentally resilient and allow for higher levels of animal welfare by eliminating the need for painful common procedures.

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Gents, it’s time to talk about making babies


Whilst the focus on women’s reproductive health is rightly high, the pre-conception health of potential fathers is still sadly often ignored.

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