Research Tuesdays Lecture Series: Unlocking property insights

The Australian property market dominates the national conversation, with speculation rife about house prices rising and the influence of interest rates.

Research Tuesdays Unlocking Property Insights

For all its complexities, the residential property market remains the most popular option for Australians looking to invest their hard-earned savings.

But faced with the sheer volume of discussion and conflicting opinions, how can people truly make well-informed decisions about the best time and place to invest in a home?

Join leading University of Adelaide property academic Peter Koulizos as he looks back on how the Australian housing market has evolved since the early 2000s. Peter will reveal his insights into the up-and-coming Adelaide investment hotspots, and explain the real relationship between interest rates and property prices.

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Recorded at the Research Tuesdays public lecture series event in May 2023.

The presenters

The presenter

Peter Koulizos has been teaching in real estate and property investment for over 25 years, including as the immediate past Program Director of the Master of Property at the University of Adelaide.

Peter researches property markets around the nation, looking for the best suburbs to invest in each capital city. He has published three books; “The Property Professor’s Top Australian Suburbs”(Wiley), “Property vs Shares” (Wiley) and most recently “The Diary of a Small Developer”, with Margaret Lomas.

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