Research Tuesdays Lecture Series: AI's Hidden Impacts

Imagine searching for a job online, only to learn that the opportunities presented to you are determined by your gender. A recent study revealed that Google's algorithms showed ads for high-paying executive jobs to male users nearly six times more often than to females. This story is all too common, highlighting a crucial issue.

Research Tuesday October 2023

As powerful as AI algorithms can be, relying on them to replace human decision-making can lead to unintended consequences, such as reinforcing prejudices and social inequalities. The ‘right’ decision on paper isn't always the best one, especially when it comes to complex human matters like morality.

Researchers from the University of Adelaide have been probing these intricacies behind AI, uncovering both the promises and pitfalls of using algorithms in areas like medicine and law. Their work illuminates the challenges and complexities of responsibly integrating AI into our lives.

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Recorded at the Research Tuesdays public lecture series event in October 2023.

The presenters

Associate Professor Carolyn Semmler leads the Applied Cognition and Experimental Psychology (ACEP) research group at the University of Adelaide. She's authored over 35 works applying cognitive science to real-world problems. Her research is backed by the Australian Research Council and the U.S. National Science Foundation and has been featured on the BBC, ABC, and Ockham’s Razor podcast.

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