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Our researchers are driven by the desire to understand. They work to uncover new knowledge and shed light on the world's biggest challenges. From tackling Meningococcal B to finding energy solutions for the future, our discoveries make a difference to people's lives across the world.

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This has been a bushfire season without precedent. As the world looked on horrified, our country burned. More than 11 million hectares have been reduced to ash, over 30 lives lost, thousands of properties destroyed, and wildlife decimated.

Now, as the smoke finally clears, the natural question is: what can, and should, we do differently to strategically manage our bushfire risk in future, given our climate will only become more hostile?

In this important Research Tuesdays forum, four leading University of Adelaide researchers will tackle this challenge from multiple angles, including:

  • the new world of ‘mega fires’ and the unique issues they bring.
  • integrated approaches to risk reduction, considering a combination of fuel load reduction, land use planning, building code changes and community education.
  • how values, gender, culture and conflict affect our perceptions of bushfire risk in relation to biodiversity conservation and environmental governance.
  • the potential benefits of Indigenous partnerships in bushfire-risk communities.

Please join us.

Date: Tuesday, 10 March
Time: 5.30 - 7pm
Location: The Braggs Lecture Theatre, North Terrace campus, Adelaide

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