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We encourage you to report an incident to enable the University to take action. Please complete the form below. If you would like information about this process, please contact a Student Grievance and Conduct Advisor on 8313 7503 or 8313 4456 from Monday to Friday between 9am – 5pm.

This form is for making an initial report to the University about an issue or incident that you have experienced or witnessed. Incidents reported to the University are formally recorded and investigated. Where appropriate you may be encouraged to report an incident to the police, and support to do this is available.

If you are unsure how to classify your report, definitions can be found at unacceptable behaviour

If you wish to have a confidential discussion before making a report, support is available from Counselling Support or Student Care.

If you require immediate assistance, please refer to these emergency contacts.

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If you wish to report a criminal matter (Eg sexual violence), the University also encourages you to report the matter to the Police. Support is available for you to do this through Counselling Support, or Student Care.

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Whilst the committee will determine any outcomes from an investigation, please let us know what you are hoping for as a result of your report.

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