Smart research powers smart cities.

What is a Smart city?

A Smart city is a place where public infrastructure, data technology and the internet work together to improve the quality of life for people living, visiting and working in the area.

How does it work?

The structure of the Australian Smart Cities Consortium allows for anyone, from government to private business, to approach us with a problem they’d like solved or an idea they’d like brought to fruition, and the University will bring the right experts together to bring about an optimal outcome.

Nick Falkner

Meet the Director

Award-winning computer science academic, Associate Professor Falkner, took the long road to academia, with over a decade spent in the computing industry and as a professional winemaker before returning to University and completing his PhD.

He now conducts research into computer network design and development, network security, privacy preservation, the Internet of Things and educational research, with a focus on increasing student participation, retention, and enthusiasm.

Associate Professor Falkner is the inaugural director of the Australian Smart City Consortium, which brings together over 50 academics from right across the University.