Smart City Capabilities

Our researchers are internationally renowned for their area of expertise and have capabilities in the following:

  • Urban informatics for decision making

    There is a need to better understand how to collect, store, analyse and add value to information collected by governments and councils on behalf of residents.

    The University of Adelaide has expertise in managing large datasets and addressing the issues that underpin data collection, such as privacy, safety, democracy and ethics.

    Examples of expertise:

    • Sensors, drones, computer-device networks, wearable devices and communication technologies
    • Cyber-security systems
    • Big data and complex system analysis
    • Spatial analysis for social and environmental planning
    • Demographic analysis of population trends
  • Smart cities infrastructure and utilities

    City managers face a great challenge when it comes to managing existing aging infrastructure, while implementing new technologies for growing populations.

    Our researchers can optimise built and green infrastructure to minimise costs, lower carbon emissions, and improve the experiences of residents.

    Examples of expertise:

    • Development of tools, technology and insights to help water users
    • Optimising infrastructure design and urban green spaces
    • Waste management solutions
    • Responsive pubic lighting
    • Economic and social impacts of diverless cars
  • Liveable cities

    City planners are required to meet the needs of various and diverse residents: from young workers to students, from an ageing population to new migrant groups.

    We have specialists who can develop tools and models for effectively managing the competing demands on a city to be ‘liveable’.

    Examples of expertise:

    • Technologies that enable public spaces to interact with visitors
    • Creating precinct experiences
    • Optimising the benefits of urban green spaces
    • Early warning health diagnoses technology
    • Tracking age demographics
    • Designing environments with age-appropriate amenities