Building a City for the Future

A key goal of governments around the world is to provide their citizens with cities that are healthy, liveable and economically successful.


The Building a City for the Future Program will bring together thinkers, researchers and policymakers to understand what makes a city great. It will ask:

  • What kind of city do we want to be beyond 2030?
  • What are the priorities of action and change? and 
  • How can we monitor success?

For more information, contact the Building a City for the Future research program director:

Professor Emma Baker

Post Pandemic Landlord-Renter Relationships in Australia

AHURI Report No. 344 | David Oswald, Tirvess Moore and Emma Baker

This report examined the mental and economic wellbeing of landlords and tenants affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and provides a number of policy recommendations to support landlord-tenant relationships.

Mould and damp health costs are about 3 times those of sugary drinks. We need a healthy housing agenda

Australia is behind the eight ball on healthy housing. We do housing and we do health, but they sit in different portfolios of government and aren’t together in the (policy) room often enough. Read this article co-authored by Professor Emma Baker in full on The Conversation .

Renting in the Time of COVID-19: Understanding the Impacts

AHURI Report No. 340 | Emma Baker, Rebecca Bentley, Andrew Beer, Lyrian Daniel

This report examined the circumstances for Australian renters during the initial phase of the COVID-19 lock-downs in July and August 2020. The report identified challenges in the rental sector and give insights into how the rental market is performing.