How refreshing are waterfalls?

A photograph of my visit to Lilydale Falls, Tasmania.

South Australia is, on average, the driest state in Australia. As a result I can’t find any nice waterfalls. Coming from Tasmania, waterfalls are abundant and everywhere, as is rainfall. There are two waterfalls just 10km from my house, and not busy, touristy waterfalls but relaxed pristine places. Living in the city here at Adelaide, I am finding I am spending less time in nature.

I am always too busy, or it’s too far. I remember last year when I went on the AUU koala picnic at Morialta, I was told we were heading to the largest waterfall in South Australia. Myself and the group walked along the gravelly track spotting koalas here and there until we reached the end of the path revealing a giant cliff face. I’ll admit had there been a waterfall or water flowing it would have looked magnificent, but alas, that hot summers day had left the waterfall dried up, awaiting to flow again after some rain. I was a little taken aback by the prestige of these waterfalls and their absence. Whilst I miss my home and the nature in Tassie, there is plenty of amazing bushland around South Australia worth exploring. I think tracking down some waterfalls is always a fun way to get outside and appreciate the calming effects of flowing water.

So here's is some waterfall advice, 

  • Go with the flow 

  • Get out in nature 

  • Listen and relax

  • Take some time to think

  • Go to Tassie 

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