A new pet in the family

There's a new pet in the family. She is yet to be named but she is a beautiful calm cockatiel with a wonderful temperament. She joined me and my family about two weeks ago and she's settled in nicely, that is, apart from Floyde.  

Floyde is our current 7-year-old cockatiel with a bit of an attitude problem. He an oily kind of grey with a mellow yellow head and bright orange cheeks. He has been through the wars and has seen it all. He flew off into the bush for four days, almost got squashed in a drawer and permanently hurt his wing in a nasty accident. Due to his injured wing he now shuffles around the house hobbling from place to place. 

He doesn't get on very well with Mum, but I keep telling her it's because she doesn't respect him enough. She tells me its actually because he's just a bit rude. I am his favourite by far and often refer to him as my son. I find his angry pessimistic view of the world quite endearing from a creature so small and fluffy. 

Since his best friend Buttons flew away over 4 years ago, he has been lonely and has seemed lost. For years now he has been looking into every reflective surface and gazing back at himself in amazement. His loneliness is more than apparent. For quite some time I have been urging Mum to get another cockatiel and a second chance at friendship. With myself and two brothers being away studying and Mum and Dad working full time, she has always refused.

Be it a change in the wind, the boredom of the pandemic or realising just how lonely Floyde is, Mum finally caved. So now we have this wonderful new little cockatiel. She is grey all over and very placid and calm. I thought Floyde would take to her straight away but unfortunately he has done a bit of a one-eighty. As soon as she rocked up he was not happy. He still can't stand when she eats from his food bowl and stands near him. If he is ever within snapping distance he lashes out. 

It's a bit of a conundrum but I know he'll come around. 

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