How I de-stress in a just a few minutes

A yellow flower

The Adelaide Botanical Gardens are an amazing green space right in the city. The boast a huge range of plant species and attract an abundance of wildlife. I have recently been crossing the road every lunchtime to have a wonder in the Botanic gardens.

How do the gardens de-stress me?

Attending university and living in the city can sometimes make you forget how grey and tiring urban spaces can be. Don’t get me wrong, there is something really exciting about cities and urban spaces but humans also need green spaces and contact with nature. It is so fortunate to have the botanic gardens literally right across the road. The best de-stress tools the gardens have in my opinion include;

The bird life: The screeches and screams of the lorries and galahs is oddly relaxing and there is always an abundance of bird life attracted to the gardens. Other than the bird life, I had the privilege of seeing a whole family of antechinus (an Australian mammal that looks similar to a rat but much cuter).

The water features: The water features provide a refreshing ambience and there is nothing better than the sound of flowing water. The birds also bathe in it, which is always entertaining when they turn into a fluffed up ball of soggy feathers.

The plants: This may sound like an obvious one but when you take the time to really look at all the plant species in the garden I guarantee it will blow your mind. Somehow, the clever caretakers and gardeners have cultivated plants from all corners of the globe. You’ll find plants with odd and different textures and even some that look like they’re from the set of a Jurassic Park film.

The fresh air: The air quality just feels lighter in the gardens. Whether that’s is because I become more at ease and remember to breathe deeply or because the trees just make it so I’m not sure, but it is great.

The sugar cane: This one is a bit naughty but the gardens have a few bushes of out of control sugar cane. Sometimes when no one is looking I’ll pinch an overgrown part of the bush and snap it to chew and suck on. Sugar cane is so sweet, tasty and surprisingly a super food with great health benefits!

So next time I’m feeling tired or a bit down I always find a walk in the garden does me a world of good.

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