The best vego food in Adelaide

Garden flowers

The Foodprint Experience Café is my go to place for sustainable and healthy vegetarian and vegan food. I have been to this café a few times with a couple of friends and my partner and I love it. The food is sourced from sustainable sources and local quality farms. The menu still contains meat options which is all locally and sustainably sourced such as their kangaroo burgers.

Why I love the food?

The café knows how to make the most from fresh wholesome food. The food reminds me of a home cooked meal with all the warmth and care but in the centre of a relaxed atmosphere and informal dining experience. Their mission is admirable and clear;

To (re)connect people to the food we eat, where it comes from and demonstrate how simple choices can have positive impacts on the environment and the future of our community.Foodprint Experience Cafe

Vegan food requires skill and planning to make delicious and the café is the best I’ve had in Adelaide. Every meal tastes amazing and makes you feel as if you are part of a sustainable future of food.

Why I love the atmosphere?

The style of the café appeals to me immediately. The hanging plants and window plants in jars as well as the soft brown makes the interior comforting and welcoming. More than this, the café has an outdoor seating area with a huge garden, a beehive and even backyard chickens! Sustainability is always kept in mind at the café with upcycled cutlery and plates as well as tables and furniture. Enjoying food in the garden out the back somehow makes the dining experience infinitely better.

Why it is more than a café?

As great as the café is, the space also doubles up as a sustainability convention centre, community bicycle workshop and bikes for refugees and a hub for all thing’s environment. If you ever need a green space to stretch your legs as well as grab a delicious meal with a difference and learn more about environmental initiatives the Foodprint Café at the Joinery is a must!

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