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Why do I get angry?


Image accessed from Pixabay 19 October 2020.

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Becoming different people?


Image accessed from Pixabay 18 October 2020.

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Top five legal dramas

There are a few key ingredients to a good legal drama: witty banter between lawyers, thrilling courtroom scenes, and the dramatic uncovering of evidence that blows the case wide open. With those guide posts in mind, here's a list of the top five best legal dramas.

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The best pizza in Adelaide

There's no shortage of good pizza in Adelaide, and I'm fairly confident I’ve gathered a top five capable of pleasing even the most rigid sticklers for quality and tradition.

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What even is Superannuation?

Every month or so, I would get a letter from my superfund. I would think to myself: This looks important, I’ll have to sort it out… one day. This went on for quite some time until I had a fairly large pile of letters. Letters I’d skimmed and sworn to figure out at some later date.

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