Making lists and ticking them off

Procrastination and myself are close friends and have been for most of my life. However, there are days when I find myself mortal enemies with procrastination. On these days, I make lists and get things done. Making lists allows me to categorise and layout my thoughts and goals. I can see what I need to do and get the satisfaction from completing it.

Small things to big

One thing I always try to keep in mind when writing my checklists is what can I realistically achieve today? Can I finish my 2500 words essay? Probably not. However, can I finish the introduction to my essay and wash that pile of dishes in the corner, definitely! When I organise my lists in order of achievability, I find it is a lot more motivational, rewarding and I get to tick more things off.

Diversity is key

Like all things in life, diversity in a list of jobs is key. Making sure that the things I have to do are varied and different not only ensures I don’t get bored, but also that I am more productive. When I need to write an introduction or do a practice test, I try putting a more ‘academic’ sitting down job above a physical one such as folding the washing or going for a walk. This allows me to alternate between sitting down and standing up and jobs that are both mentally and physically engaging. 

Things you might not consider

I always try to put down things that I might not consider as needing to be completed. I find that simple things such as exercise and socialising are little jobs we have to do every day and are the most important of all the things on my list. Writing down that I need to go for a run or a swim and call my family and catch up with a friend for a coffee are just as important as cleaning, work and assignments. I also find that socialising and exercising can make me more productive when it comes to other jobs to tick off on my list.

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