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Goodbye to the family home

My parents have had their home (the house I spent the bulk of my childhood in in Loxton) on the market for almost two years, but it came as an almost complete surprise to get a message from Mum this week informing my and my brother that they had finally sold!

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Review: Dark Emu

Bruce Pascoe's 2014 novel Dark Emu challenges the notion that, prior to settlement in 1788, Aboriginal peoples led a primitive lifestyle. On the contrary, Pascoe argues that Aboriginal peoples enjoyed a complex, enduring relationship with the land. 

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My year in review

As we come to the end of 2020, let me run through some key themes or thoughts about my year. 

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The Crown Season 4

Upon hearing that South Australia would be heading into (what was then though to be a six day lockdown), the most reassuring thought I had was that being forced to stay at home would give me the opportunity to binge the newly released season four of the Netflix prestige drama The Crown.

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Great workspaces of Adelaide continued!

I have long been looking for many and various places to study or work, from cafes to public libraries.

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Lessons learned by marking

I have spent the last two or so weeks marking undergraduate politics essays.

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