My last ever blog post

Well, this is it.

No more coming into the student health and wellbeing office. No more sifting through Pixabay to find the perfect image. No more wracking my brain in an attempt to think of three interesting  things to write about each week. It’s the end of an era. This isn’t just the end of blogging. It’s the end of university. The end of all my volunteering commitments. The end of this chapter of my life. It feels pretty surreal.

There’s a nice symmetry here, because the first blog post I ever wrote was: My first ever blog post ever. That was actually something of a response to one of the bloggers who had just left and written a post just like this one. Now it’s my turn to move on and leave this blog to other people.

It’s been quite the journey. For everyone who’s read any of my writing, it really does mean so much. However many posts you read (even if it’s just this one) I hope that you got as much out of reading them as I did out of writing them.

What’s next? Well, it beats me. 2021 is a great expanse of uncertainty. It is equally exhilarating and terrifying. I have a lot of hope that there’s something really positive in store though (don’t know exactly what). I’m hoping if I kind of take it as a leap of faith, I’ll end up falling into something.

So, that’s me. 

I'll see you around,



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