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Getting out into the Fringe

It’s fringe time again and as always, Adelaide comes to life! However, I have barely seen or done anything.  Deep down I know I want to be experiencing more of the arts and culture fever that infects the city this time of year.

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What makes a quote meaningful?

It’s not uncommon for people to have a favourite quote. But what does that really mean? What makes a quote meaningful?

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Lessons from My Octopus Teacher

To be honest, I only heard about this documentary through friends who were posting about how wonderful it was over social media. The title really piqued my interest, but it also made me wonder why so many of my friends were raving about an octopus documentary. I know that many of my friends are divers and marine ecologists, like myself, but would there be a lot to learn from an octopus?

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Flyer's guilt

It is well known that flying doesn't do our environment any favours. Unfortunately, it is also intertwined with everyday parts of life. So how can I overcome the guilt I feel when I fly and the impact it has on our environment?   

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Why the 2000’s generation of Disney Channel is the best

Why is the 2000’s generation of Disney Channel the best ever? The answer? It just is… It’s as simple as that, no questions, no arguments about it, the 2000s generation of Disney Channel series and movies are actually the best and I can’t stress it enough. Read on to reminisce about the greatest era of kids shows and films!

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Buying a car

Over the holidays I finally passed my P1 test! After all these years the state government driving assessors have decided to let this lunatic on the roads. Now, I am no longer asking ‘will I ever get my license’ but, ‘should I buy a car’? and ‘how do I even buy a car?’.

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Friendship and distance

We grow accustomed to our friends being around; they form part of our routine, even part of our identities. What happens, then, when friends are separated by distance – big or small?

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Opportunity, or free labor: Finding an internship

Internships, placements and work experience can conjure up different thoughts and feelings. The diverse discourse around these learning pathways extends to 'an amazing opportunity' to 'free labor and a waste of time'. So, being in my third year of university, how can I find an internship or work experience that is meaningful, balanced and advantageous to my career development?

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Money and meaning

The final week of summer is upon us. Although I’ll be missing the glory of summer days, it’s quite exciting that the university campus will be welcoming eager young minds into its halls again. It’s the start of a new academic year, we have new leadership with a new Vice-Chancellor at the helm, and there’s the promise of new beginnings which gives hope. There’s also Mad March and then looking forward to cooling nights, indulgent pasta, and winter.

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Twenty twenty-one

My first piece this year and as much as I told myself I was not going to mention it, well here it is: another lockdown. Okay I’ve said it, I don’t want to dwell on that for now. What I really want to ponder on is all of the things to look forward to this year, which will hopefully include the completion of a very good first full draft of my thesis! I know that this will probably be the toughest year in my candidature, but I am reminding myself that soon, the end will be in sight. In the meantime, I better set myself up with a good self-care routine.

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