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Give me a break

Person looking at the camera, laughing and leaning up against a wooden wall.

They say humour is good for creativity. Is that true?

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Some air fryer fun

Cooked chicken wings on a grey plat with herbs

I finally tried the air fryer. 

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Where are we going in life?

High school is hard. Starting uni is hard. Being a student and working is hard. Some people can do it. Some people can barely juggle it. Some of us know exactly what we want to do and where we want to go in our careers and in life. But a lot of us have no idea and are only at uni because it was “better than doing nothing”, or because people have certain expectations of us. Wherever we are in life, we are all in the same boat, but it's important to remember to live. 

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I need to read more

Do you ever find it hard to find the time to sink your teeth into a great book instead of an academic essay?

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Group work woes

Urgh! Group work! As always there is at least one group assignment during the semester. This is how I am taking it on.

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Diverging friendships

University is a great time to make new friendships and form bonds. However, it is also a very formative and rapid period of life and as quickly as friendships arrive, they also diverge.

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Exercise: does it really help?

Exercise is an integral part of my routine, it helps to ground, motivate, and awaken me. But what happens when we don’t exercise?

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How can we live more sustainably?

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to live more consciously and sustainably.

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Oscars 2021: Promising Young Woman review

Emerald Fennell's debut feature, Promising Young Woman, is an enthralling look at a young woman confronting the traumas of her past.

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Here’s my list of “Realistic” goals for this year (as well as the far future)

These are the things I’m most excited about doing in the near and far future! From getting fit to spending less time on my phone, traveling, and more! Think of this as an unfortunately "realistic" bucket list, since we can't really go anywhere at the moment. I hope this inspires you to write your own, and keep these goals in the back of your mind as you live your life! 

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