Here’s my list of “Realistic” goals for this year (as well as the far future)

These are the things I’m most excited about doing in the near and far future! We’re pretty lucky to be living where we are, and although there's a lot we still can’t do, like travel (which is one of the things that everyone wants to do) and considering what’s happening in the world and reluctantly living through all these MAJOR historical events, the past year and still now hasn’t been easy for anyone.

So, I wanted to take a small peak and focus on an exciting future, near and far. Usually, I write things down in a list because I like lists, but the funny thing is I don’t usually follow along with them, but I have realised that most of the things I’ve written on this list, I have started to do anyway. So maybe if I just write them down once, and keep them at the back of my head, I’ll do them. Instead of ticking them off one by one like a shopping list. Think more like a bucket list. However, I hope this inspires you to do the same, write things down, look at them, follow them, or discard it completely and just have them in your mind. Cross ones out, add ones, redo the whole list, or not do a list at all. And don’t think of it as a plan or a schedule, because I think some people get put off by that and feel like theres too much pressure. Think of it as your future, goals, dreams, things you really want to do, even if you change your mind or aren’t completely sure.

So here’s my list. No particular order, just spitballing here :) 


This year:
  1. Do more exercise and get fit (seriously)
  2. Eat healthier (seriously)
  3. Get serious about my Martial Arts practice (If you’re thinking about doing it, look up Mettle Martial Arts Academy online for more information and head down for a free trial lesson! I highly recommend it)
  4. Overall look after myself more (mentally and physically)
  5. Do well in uni this year (I’m serious this time) – keep on top of my studies
  6. Network and find opportunities for myself in the media and film industry
  7. Put myself out there/promote myself more
  8. Showcase my talent (singing) on social media (ew)
  9. Practice guitar
  10. Go to more local events
  11. Explore SA, and travel where I can
  12. Read more (I’ve spent 3 years trying to get through the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books, very difficult to read but I love them)
  13. Write more (creative writing) – at least start a story
  14. Spend more time with family
  15. Spend less time on my phone (I’ve been deleting the apps I use the most, Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, messenger, temporarily during the day when I need to focus on study) (and turning notifications off)
  16. Get serious and determined about my career
  17. Start a passion project
  18. Would love to do an exchange if we get to travel soon………
  19. Make lists and follow them!
  20. Live a bit more
The far future:
  2. Go back to New Zealand and explore both islands
  3. Travel Europe! Asia! Islands!
  4. America! New York! Canada! Hawaii!
  5. Have a good job in film/media industry
  6. Live overseas
  7. Get to a high level of martial arts
  8. Stay fit and healthy
  9. Spend time with family
  10. Maybe take up another instrument
  11. Eventually have read all the books I’ve bought and haven’t read
  12. Finish a passion project
  13. Live
  14. …….. etc. etc.

GO WRITE YOUR LIST! Can be short or long. You can write now, go back to it in 6 months and see what you’ve done and be proud of yourself, or you can change it completely! Up to you! But it does help to have in the back of your mind to help you strive and thrive! 

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