Give me a break

Person looking at the camera, laughing and leaning up against a wooden wall.

They say humour is good for creativity. Is that true?

I reckon I just need a bit of a break from all the serious things happening in the world and the serious amount of work I still need to get done. For all the PhD students out there – what does PhD stand for? Wrong answers only. Go.

  • Pretty huge document
  • Pressure handling degree
  • Persistent hustling dimension
  • Pure happiness degree
  • Pretty hard decade
  • Projects half done
  • Please hire. Desperate.
  • Patient, hungry, and dizzy
  • Piled high in debt

"What does PhD stand for? Fancy degree. It's so fancy it's spelled with a Ph."

Being a graduate student is an extreme sport - I blame the silliness on that! Now that I've gotten a bit of a brain break, here's something to think about - do you find yourself questioning whether you made the right choice? Here is an article on the Conversation that points out some really good reasons for earning a Ph.D.

Hope all you hard working Ph.D. students out there are having at least a small break over the long weekend and this brings a smile to your face :)

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