The health value of good shoes

Two runners running on rocky dirt track in forest.

Only after having completely worn through my favourite set of shoes have I realised just how important they are for my physical and mental health.

A good pair of shoes can make all the difference when it comes to your feet putting up with a few extra kms or few thousand steps. Bad shoes can leave my feet sore, hot and bruised. At university, I often find myself dashing quickly between classes and that is when I really start to notice the pain if I am not wearing good shoes. This of course all compounds on my mental health, sometimes leaving me cranky, frustrated and just downright grizzly as my partner puts it.  

But it is hard choosing a new pair of shoes because a) I want them to last and be comfortable and b) I want them to be ethical and environmentally friendly and c) I don't want them to be too expensive because, well, I'm a uni student. The difficult reality is that good shoes cost a lot of money upfront. Even though I know they will have benefits in the long run, it is so hard to part with a lot of money upfront but sometimes that is what investing in your health means.

Sounds like an excuse for me to spend lots of money on shoes? No. Sounds like an opportunity to make an investment in my physical and mental wellbeing. 

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