Time to binge!

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Some of my comfort movies that I’ll be rewatching this mid-semester break.

I know for some of us, mid-semester breaks aren’t really breaks per se, they’re more of a free period dedicated to handing up assignments and catching up on study materials we’ve neglected in the past few weeks. That includes me, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean I’ll only be focusing on my studies. Not on my watch! I still deserve to catch a breath and do something for myself. 

One of them is to binge-watch my comfort shows. Not only are they an effective stress-reliever and serotonin booster but I believe that movies have the capability to suspend time – I always feel like the world stops for a moment when I’m snuggled up in my bed on Netflix. So, here’s what I’ll be watching:

Marie Antoinette – From the pretty visuals to the incredible soundtrack amd eye-catching wardrobe (Converse in a period movie? Yes, please), Sofia Coppola really nailed it with this one. It’s not one of those boring historical biographies that make me snooze after the 10-minute mark, it has a good blend of modern pop culture and history. 

Little Women – I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened Netflix this morning to finish up Bridgerton Season 2 and saw Little Women on the screen! This movie feels like wrapping yourself up in a heap of blankets, tea in hand with the rain outside your window. The March sisters also just remind me so much of my sisters and me. 

Grown Ups – I’ll confess, I’m your average Adam Sandler movie lover. I mean how could I not be? Between the same rotation of actors/actresses and iconic, slapstick jokes, his movies never fail to make me laugh. No matter how sad I’m feeling, I’ll instantly feel better the moment I put on Grown Ups 2. It’s just one of those feel-good comedies that you can’t go wrong with.

Any Amanda Bynes movie – Specifically 'Sydney White' and 'She’s The Man'. Her movies were an essential part of my childhood, I remember watching them all the time with my sisters. Of the two, 'She’s The Man' has to be my favourite – it’s hilarious, chaotic and it was based on a Shakespeare play. 

The Devil Wears Prada – My ultimate comfort movie although it’s actually sort of intense and not very comforting. This movie had a huge impact on me watching it for the first time as a kid. The moment I saw Andy put on those Chanel boots and Miranda choosing between the two belts was the moment I knew I wanted to work in fashion. Plus, Andy writes too! 

Derry Girls – Words can’t describe how much I truly adore this show! It’s about a group of high schoolers exploring their adolescence in the middle of a national conflict. I cried, I laughed, I learnt a lot about Northern Ireland’s history. If there’s one show you should take away from this list, it’s this one.

What’s your comfort movie?

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