To study at home or at university?

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There are two types of students – those who study at home or those who study at uni. I’m someone who thrives when I study at home but can’t seem to do the same while on campus (but I’m trying)!

I’ve had this discussion over the years and it appears that the consensus is that most people enjoy studying on campus – whether it’s the Law building, Barr Smith South, Mezzanine or Nexus. It’s often said that studying at home isn’t preferred because of the distractions (hello, Netflix and the fridge). However, I’ve always found that once I get in the zone, I get a lot more done at home vs on campus.

Admittedly, while on campus I tend to be with my friends which creates difficulty when trying to get through lectures or an assignment (even though it’s me who does most of the distracting - oops)! However, being on campus is exciting and there are some pretty neat spots to study depending on whether you want to be productive or more relaxed.

There is no right or wrong answer to studying at home or on campus – do what works with your own routine. I’ve come to appreciate being on campus more than I use to when I first started particularly given last year’s move to learning online. Although it’s great to roll out of bed and attend a class, arriving early on campus and preparing for class then having a coffee with friends and going to class is always a fun time.

Even though I tend to get a lot more work done at home, I’ve come to appreciate studying on campus and connecting with friends. What are your favourite study spots?


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