Travel chronicles: Queensland and tips

Over the break I planned a last-minute trip to Queensland where I was fortunate enough to travel to Brisbane and the Goldcoast! The weather was unreal – warm and tropical – a perfect escape from Adelaide’s recent coldish weather (it’s only going to get worse ahh).


It’s got me thinking about holiday escapism and how a getaway is something exciting to look forward to during these long semesters. Traveling also doesn’t have to involve a plane or an interstate trip – there are amazing camping spots less than an hour away and locations like Victor Harbour and McLaren Vale are great to explore.


I often struggle with days off, where I’m at home, because I will inevitably feel discouraged if I’m not ‘productive’ (even if I’ve given myself a day off). I love travelling elsewhere because I am forced to leave my laptop and emails behind and find time to truly relax. Nowadays a lot of people either struggle to escape from study or work or they do give themselves a break but feel an enormous sense of guilt and un-productiveness.


Travelling for a holiday is exciting and we are fortunate to be able to travel within some capacity here in Australia – always remember to bring a mask and check in correctly!

Below find a few tips


1. Do make sure your carry on is under 7kg

That extra pair of shoes and laptop will result in a hefty additional fee (I know from experience - also leave your laptop home – you’re on holiday!).


2. Have some sort of itinerary

Spontaneity is fun but when you have limited time on holiday it shouldn’t be spent finding the best restaurants or locations you want to visit.


3. Explore the outskirts of the city

The CBD of main cities are incredible (and a lot bigger than Adelaide!), but exploring the surrounding suburbs or towns are very much underrated.


As assessment dates and exams approach, perhaps this is an ideal time to start planning a mini-interstate trip or just a quick getaway to a surrounding town in South Australia for the July break!


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