Study music: finding the perfect playlist

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As we inch closer to our first exams and really have to knuckle down some last-minute studying, I find that everything has to be perfect for me in order to avoid procrastination. My brain will trick me into vacuuming, washing dishes or revisiting a hobby to avoid studying (can you relate?).


That’s why having the perfect music to study to is integral to success (to a certain extent). Often if you stick to listening to a certain style of music, once you hear it, it’ll put you in the mood to study. Exams can be a stressful time, so listening to calm music can really help to ease nerves too!


Over the years, I’ve altered the type of music I prefer to study to and (although I am no expert and we all have different tastes), here are my recommendations!


1. Lofi girl (YouTube & Spotify Playlist)

This might be the ultimate study playlist that I listen to – it’s non-stop and I can’t go wrong with lofi while I study.



2. Nostalgic Lofi (YouTube Playlist)

I’ve recently got around 50s & 60s lofi beats while I study – it's nostalgic and a nice change from more modern music.


3. Relaxing Studio Ghibli Piano (YouTube Playlist)

This may have been the first playlist I got around (during year 12 study) – I love Studio Ghibli music!


4. Instrumental Study (Spotify Playlist)

This generated Spotify playlist does the job if you want something low key and calm!


5. Jazz Classics (Spotify Playlist)

If you’re looking for something more upbeat – try out this jazz playlist!


Happy studying - and don't forget to take breaks!


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