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Degree monotony

A frog statue holds books

Sometimes, for me, university seems a bit monotonous and I have been trying to overcome that disengagement.  

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The worst grade in my degree

report card with an A+

The other week I received a grade that would be the lowest mark I’ve ever received (and in the final semester of my degree)!

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Student elections

A voting ballot box

I used to think student politics were cumbersome and uneventful. However, I have recently begun to appreciate the value and meaning they have.

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Romanticising study

If you’re anything like me, finding the will and drive to study is difficult. Studying SHOULD be easy but for some, it’s not and that’s totally okay. I have been researching ways on how to get motivated to study and came across romanticising study. Here are some of the tips I found useful and if you take them into your daily routine of studying from home, you will be surprised at how much they actually help.

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Finding a work-life balance

Person balancing on a log

Sometimes life is really busy. Whether it’s work, uni, social obligations, or a combination of all three, finding a balance between who we are and what we do can be tricky. 

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Exam shenanigans: challenges, proctoru and managing stress

Completing exam paper

Whether you have one exam, four, or undertaking an exam under the watchful eye of ProctorU – the exam stress is inevitable but there are coping strategies and your powerful ability to mitigate any undesirable emotions. Keep reading for my thoughts and advice!

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Study music: finding the perfect playlist

Classical, lofi, pop and perhaps even country music. Finding a great playlist to listen to while you study can make or break a productive session of study. Read for my thoughts and recommendations!

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Semester break and back again

The year is chugging along, and semester break has come and gone. Here are a few things I do to stay relaxed and feel recharged for the second half of semester.

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Being seen and heard in a zoom call

An online call on a laptop

I have an online class this semester and as always, the audio and camera can make or break a class. Here are some reasons I sometimes leave my camera and microphone off and why I also try to push myself to leave it on.

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The trouble with 'dreaming big'

As kids, we’re told to dream big. We’re told that if we put our minds to it, we can achieve anything. But has the emphasis on achieving our dreams helped us, or hindered us?

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