Degree monotony

A frog statue holds books

Sometimes, for me, university seems a bit monotonous and I have been trying to overcome that disengagement.  

This is one of my biggest struggles in the past few years. Sometimes it feels like my degree is pointless. I get sick of writing essay after essay. I get sick of repeating the same theories and concepts. As someone who was hoping that my degree would be one of great philosophical exploration and deep, complex, critical thinking, it is kind of disappointing how limiting the discipline can be at times. 

You know that feeling of satisfaction and curiosity and the rush of ‘oh’ when you learn something new, or something just clicks? It feels like I don’t really get that through some of my core subjects which are more based around affirming our own opinions (in my humble opinion). 

But this semester I decided to take a course for my own benefit, one that inspired me to get back into the thrill of learning. Which is one of things I think I miss the most in my degree. I decided to take an Australian Indigenous Languages course because I enjoy languages, I want to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and because I think it is something that everyone should try to take part in.  

And the first lecture, whoa! The things I learnt, the number of times I looked at things from a perspective I had never considered, the pure thrill of learning. I walked out feeling like I had chosen the right direction for my career, and I felt less frustrated with my degree. 

Sometimes simple things like choosing an elective that might just be fun or interesting for you, regardless of how left of field it may seem can make a big difference to your experience at university and it is a lesson that I think I forgot about in the later years of my degree when things needed to be so serious all the time. 

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