For the love of foodstagram (Part 2)

In continuation to my previous blog post...

Not only have they persuaded little old picky eater me to be more adventurous but they’ve also taught me to feel good about eating. As I grow older, I sometimes find myself feeling guilty about eating too much or not eating healthily enough. I suppose that’s a remnant of social media’s old obsession with thigh gaps and unhealthy diet (read: skinny) culture. 

How I’m glad to see the food scene on social media inching towards a more positive change, one that is more genuine and uplifting. It brings me immense joy to see what people are actually eating. Unapologetically munching away on chocolate cakes and doughnuts, making quick and messy meals because they’ve got somewhere to go.

They’ve helped me further realise that eating is ok and that you should eat because your body needs sustenance to do its little thing of keeping you alive. We deserve to have fun when we’re eating (and your body thanks you for it too)!

But ultimately, I love the safe and welcoming community that foodstagrammers have created in our ever-toxic digital space. I have never seen a more supportive group of people in my life. The comment sections are always filled with praises and starry eyed emojis even on someone’s post about the PB and J they had this morning.

I also love the encouragement and constructive criticism they give each other when someone attempts to cook a cuisine that is out of their culture – and of course, how respectful the bloggers are when it comes to engaging with another community’s traditional food. It just goes to show how food has the capability to bring humans together.

To end my proclamation of love towards food blogs, I’ve put together a list of my current favourite foodstagram pages (in no particular order).


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