Donating blood

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Donating blood

Giving back to society can be an important aspect of your life, and no matter big or small, finding ways to help others is so special. 

I few weeks ago I donated blood for the first time. I was encouraged to do so by a Tri-Society Blood Drive (University of Adelaide Medicine, Engineering and Law Society). Donating blood had never been at the forefront of my mind until recently.

Within the last few years, I’ve overcome my nervousness around needles which made the process a lot easier. I visited my local Red Cross with my housemate and we both donated blood! Due to it being my first time, I made sure I had plenty of fluids and food. The process was very smooth sailing. It involved a questionnaire, checking my haemoglobin levels then the actual taking of the blood. Not to forget, the range of snacks I consumed before and after!

The workers at Red Cross were so lovely and made my time enjoyable. I was able to find out my blood type and where my blood went to! It feels nice knowing that I helped a stranger out. Donating blood saves lives.

Donating blood isn’t for the faint hearted and there are a lot of reasons why you may not be able to donate. So if you’re unable to, encouraging your friends and family to donate is always important.

It’s a wonderful feeling and something you can do every few months to help others! You can check your eligibility here, and book and appointment here. Happy donating!

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