Acknowledgement of Country

Sea of Hands

Sea of Hands (National Reconciliation Week 2021)

Adelaide is located in the traditional Country of the Kaurna people. I acknowledge and pay my respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First people of Australia whose ancestral lands and waters we work and live on throughout Australia. I honour the wisdom of, and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

I first came to Adelaide in 2009. On that first day here, I really struggled to contain my excitement of living away from home for the very first time so I left my suitcase at the house I was renting and jumped on a bus to see the wild dolphins along the Port River, which is on Kaurna Country. The dolphins captured my heart. I feel that we are extremely lucky to have them here, living so close to a capital city. I’m very grateful that I’m able to work with scientists and passionate community members, whilst also being able to learn from the traditional custodians of Kaurna country. One such opportunity included a Dolphin Spirit Dreaming Festival.

In the many years I have volunteered, not just for the dolphins, but habitats and the wilderness at large, one common thread binds all of the stories that I’ve heard, and that is connection. I care for the environment because I grew up with so many wonderful memories with family and friends by the sea, in the mountains, and being fascinated by the animals and plants that share this planet with us. I think sharing stories and experiences is the first step in caring for our ocean planet.

Sharing is caring.

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