Some good Sundays

At the entrance of Gilles At The Grounds

Gilles at the Grounds

Sundays are, without a doubt, my favourite day of the week. 

I’ve had a pretty good Sunday these past couple of weeks. Towards the end of last semester, this was quite rare but having been stressed, I thought to myself, “Hey, it’s Sunday, go out and go do something nice”. Usually, I would allow myself to wake up as late as I wanted to – no alarms would be set for the day – and I’d opt to stay in after spending the whole weekday in uni but I’ve been cooped up in my room a lot lately and didn’t do anything to really destress, so I was itching to get some fresh air. 

The first good Sunday I had was maybe two weeks back. I hit up my friend and asked her if she wanted to grab some breakfast at a nearby café. I woke up nice and early, put on the outfit that I’ve been planning since the previous week then hit the road. The café was called White Picket Coffee House in Dulwich. The weather was so nice and the leaves were a beautiful green so we couldn’t say no to walking! I mean, it was weather practically made for strolling in the beautiful neighbourhood.

We found a seat under a shady tree and began scanning the menu. I treated myself to some scrambled eggs on toast with hash browns on the side and they were the best thing I’ve had in a while! I tried recreating the dish a couple of days later but my eggs were too rubbery, and the hash browns were just not the same…

We then decided to burn some of those calories and went on a walk around the area. I love looking at houses and giving my opinions on their structure and design like I’m some renowned architect or designer or something. But what I love most is imagining the types of people that could possibly inhabit these houses. Are they a family of four? Do they even use that tennis court in their backyard? What do they celebrate, Eid or Christmas? The next thing we knew, we were in Burnside Mall – that was quite a walk!   

The second good Sunday I had was last week when I went to the farmers market in Wayville with a friend. I’ve only ever been to the farmers market once – last year – so it was very exciting to go there again. When we got there, I was reminded just how wonderful farmers markets are. The sun was out and tunes from a musician’s guitar and human chatter filled the air. Honestly, I could spend hours and hours gawking at the 10 different types of mushrooms and bread they have on sale. 

Gilles At The Grounds were happening at the same time too, so we paid a visit and were mesmerised by the incredible stalls within. Lots of vintage and preloved clothing! I thought I had died and went to shoppers’ heaven. I promised myself that I would only get pastries from my visit to the markets but I came home with an iced chai latte, 250g of white mushrooms, and a vintage blazer – sans pastries.

So those were a couple of my Sundays done right. How do you spend your Sundays?

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