Posture? Meditation? Lofi?

girl meditating in front of lake

Girl sitting in front of lake meditating 

Recently, I’ve discovered a new way to ‘meditate’ which helps me feel relaxed and calm. This works for me – do you know what works for you?

I’m luckily someone who doesn’t suffer from neck or back pain but after studying for exams, I have gotten a lot more tense and sore. I’ve found that completely laying flat (facing the ceiling) on the (clean) floor helps re-adjust my posture. When you pair this with a nice lofi playlist, it feels like meditation.

I feel calm, relaxed and at peace. I don’t meditate but I recall doing it routinely at the beginning of uni and now I realise how good it feels just to dedicate 10 minutes daily. It’s a reminder to take a break out of your day to focus on mindfulness.

Putting on a guided meditation or your favourite calming music elevates the experience (I love Studio Ghibli lofi music). It’s the perfect way to relax your body and help out your posture.

Exam season was a stressful time so it’s important that you practice mindfulness and doing the little things to improve your wellbeing.

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