Eating out fancy

A man and woman wearing a suit and dress eating at a restaurant

For a sleepy town, Adelaide certainly has a bit of a food scene and I have some favourites when it comes to splashing out and celebrating a little.

As a university student you don’t get to eat often but for those times when you do, its always disappointing going to an expensive place and getting blergh food. Or just meh food. This year, a couple of my friends are graduating and it was with a note of small surprise that I realised Adelaide has quite a bit of a food scene. So here are some of my favourites, tried and true, which have never disappointed me over the years.

Swordsman Kitchen

On Rundle St, this little fusian eatery…nah I will give it to you real! This place has some really cool décor, it’s a little bit pokey so maybe not a place for a lot of friends but definitely for a date etc. My 100% favourite is the pumpkin and pine nut dumplings which are served in a little steaming pot of chive and coconut cream! That is what they like to call on Masterchef, ‘umami goodness’. They do some really great sushi and truth be told, the real reason I love it there is the chef, the Swordsman himself! He is really gently spoken and comes over to check if the food is okay and even recognises me as a regular customer now and asks how things are going…so sweet. 

Peter Rabbit Café

Peter Rabbit Café doesn’t sound crazily enticing but I assure you bunnies are not on the menu. This outdoor eatery has a tree growing inside, is made from a tin shed and best of all has rabbits! I really love this place because it transforms vegan and vegetarian food into an artform – particularly their ramen. There is stuff for the meat lovers as well and you always leave feeling good and healthy.

The Foodprint Experience

This café was built from the ground-up by a woman passionate about sustainability and it really shows. She has a buy-it forward scheme, mainly vegetarian options and awesome plants in all sorts of recycled things. Out the back is a community garden with chickens and a beehive! It is located over near the Central Market (another yummy place) and I 100% recommend the cherry ripe slice.

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