A rental market under stress

I have felt the impact of a stretched rental system since living out of home and interstate.

This is a challenge that is impacting international students, interstate and regional students. 

I have noticed some common renters that are consistently struggling. Anyone looking for a short-term lease, any couples and anyone with a pet. I have seen countless call outs for rental properties in facebook and online groups.

To date, my partner and I have applied for over thirty properties through real-estate agencies, not to mention all the properties we have contacted through messenger. For each property, we have been rejected. The message is relatively consistent. Lease for twelve months preferred and no couples. Anyone with full-time employment will be prioritised. 

It is tiring. The closer we drew to the end of our lease the more pressure and anxiety we felt to find somewhere to live. For the time being, we have found a shorter one-month stay at a place which will keep a roof over our heads and gives us some time to think about what we want to do. However, the challenge still remains. Whether it's due to Covid, increasing renter numbers or a more competitive market, renting is difficult. We have both found that it distracts and detracts away from a focus on studying and other important aspects of life. 

If you're struggling with renting make sure you seek help and contact the University Accommodation Service and student wellbeing and support services

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