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Working from home

Working at a table

I have been working my professional job from home for the past few months and have a few takeaways that I would like to share...

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Grade fixation

An image of woman in the dark drinking from a mug and using her laptop

As we enter the point of the semester where assessments are due, I have found myself experiencing my typical anxiety to obtain the best grades possible.

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All things period related

A blue butterfly pea flower

Some people have periods! Yes! Truly! Unfortunately, it is not something people really talk about often.

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New food & a new perspective

Thai desserts

Trying a steamed Thai pandan-coconut cake opened my mind up to new ways to make delicious desserts.

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Glorifying the grind

Many textbooks in the shape of a deep spiral

We're about halfway through the first semester and I've been hearing competitions of who's getting the least amount of sleep start floating around campus.

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Calendar blocking

An image of a screen with Google Calendar on it

It is incredibly difficult to get things done if you don’t even know what you’re doing. Calendar blocking has truly been the most productive practice that I have implemented daily.

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