Working from home

Working at a table

I have been working my professional job from home for the past few months and have a few takeaways that I would like to share...

1. I cannot concentrate at home.

At all. I know some people really enjoy being in the comforting surrounds of their own abode but for me, it is all just a distraction. There are too many possibilities available to me. I could eat. Or obsessively clean my room. Or watch a movie. Anything but actually work! 

I do think it is because of the nature of my work - it is something that needs to be broken up by discussions with team members or meetings with my Manager. All that aside, I am glad to have had the experience now as opposed to in the future when I am working full-time. Now I know that it just isn't for me.

2. Not having good tech and stable wifi is a problem.

I will admit that my trusty old laptop, four years old and counting, bought on scholarship money at the end of my Year 12 is not doing the best anymore. The planned obsoletism of technology is a disturbing and stressful topic but not one indulged in this article unfortunately! 

It is hard to run Teams meetings and graphic editing programs when there just is no stable internet connection either. It truly does make me remember the challenges that regional/remote communities must have faced during COVID-19, particularly those in school who can barely afford a laptop. That of course goes back to the company taking the responsibility to supply you with the equipment and/or funding you need to do the job, or in the case of school kids, perhaps the government!

3. I get really lonely at home.

I know, I know, why don't I set up group meetings with my team and we can work together, why don't I catch up with a friend for lunch? But that is kind of missing the point. I get distracted and bored at home, I get tired and snack a lot, I don't do those recommended 15 minute intervals of pilates or whatever the deal is and it all contributes to feeling lonely. 

I think all in all, working from home is a reality at this point at least. Getting into a good work routine is critical, but I am with you all here, it is hard!


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