Period pains

a woman making a heart over her stomach with her hands, a daisy rests in the middle

I reflect on my period pain routine and what methods work for me when it comes to making sure they don't get in the way of uni.

There is nothing worse than turning up to uni with period cramps or even missing classes because of the pain. Period cramps are caused by uterine contractions in response to the release of prostaglandin when menstruating.

Non-Scientific explanation: my uterus hates me and likes to make me suffer. 

The only ways that I find I can avoid the pains from severely disrupting my everyday routine is through a period survival pack.


- painkillers (things like panadol, Nurofen etc)

- herbal teas (my favourite is licorice and mint, anything anti-inflammatory)

- tampons/pads (duh)

- chocolate reserves (one of the most important elements)

- iron supplements

- hot water bottle

These are just some of the small things I do to try and manage my pains in a non-clinical way. If things become really bad, you should always seek medical treatment as these are really just mitigation tactics, not solutions to what could be a more serious problem!

Nonetheless, to everyone! Think about your menstruating friends and how you can help them navigate what can be a rough week!

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