Benefits of a quick clean

An image of a messy desk, with pens and highlighters on top of a newspaper and stacks of paper

To me, having a clean space always improves my mindset. But for those who hate cleaning, even a quick 5 minute tidy makes a difference!

I'm someone who absolutely hates mess. I try to multitask to get the dishes done whilst I'm cooking, I feel the urge to dust my bookshelf every time that I get a new book off it, and I absolutely cannot study with a dirty desk.

But it's not just me; the negative effects of clutter on our mindsets have been identified. Clutter may contribute to feelings of confusion and stress, or even contribute to a state of depression. Whereas, a clean space can help improve your mood and it is even suggested that it will ultimately make you healthier.

Sometimes though, you don't have the time to do a massive clean, especially when you are racing against the clock to get assignments done. A great tip is to set a timer: try to challenge yourself to clean your space in the time that you've set, quickly putting stuff away and wiping down your surfaces. Since you've only allocated yourself a short timespan, it won't be as daunting! Or even before you go to bed, spend 5 minutes just getting stuff sorted for the next day by making sure everything is back in the right spot. Yes, that does mean not piling all your clothes on 'The Chair'. 

Trust me, you'll feel better writing your essay at a clean desk, so try and implement a quick clean into your routine!

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