Dealing with a hectic week

A blue sky with fluffy white back-lit clouds, and rays of sunshine streaming through.

On busy days I find myself lost in rehashing the past or rehearsing the future.

Week 12 was incredibly hectic for me, managing over five assessments as well as commitments and the curve balls thrown at me. I ended up pulling the dreaded all-nighter in order to manage two assessments due on the same day. It was almost like seeing a montage of a struggling uni student as depicted on television, a girl with dishevelled hair, typing away furiously on her laptop, slurping her instant noodles every few minutes.

In these stressful times, it was easy for me to get caught up in planning, thinking about what was to come next, and countless other what-ifs. I continued throughout the days being engrossed in my thoughts and not paying attention to my bodily needs. My mind felt very clouded and often small mistakes became exaggerated as I focused on everything that was “wrong”.

As the feelings progressed, I reached out to a friend for help. They helped me become calm and less overwhelmed as they reminded me of the positive experiences and tangible items in my life. As they were listing these I tried to actively visualise the examples, and fully appreciate them. For me, these were experiences such as being able to cook dinner with my friends, or indulging in a show while eating my favourite dessert. If there isn’t someone to help at the moment, I find writing on a piece of paper or journal to be effective as well. This activity truly helped me feel more grounded and to be present in the moment. It has also allowed me to feel more in control of my actions and thoughts, as well as appreciative of the positive moments in life.

What’s something you do to feel grounded?

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