On migraines & head pain

A man holds his head, looking stressed.

Getting a migraine can completely ruin your day. 

I suffer from migraines. And not from the kind that is mistakenly referred to as such (and is probably just a headache from sugar or coffee), but the kind that makes you nauseous, affected by light and noise, and makes doing anything impossible. Even sleeping is difficult when your head is throbbing in extreme pain. 

As anyone with health problems know, something as unexpected as migraine can completely shift the trajectory of your day. You were going to be productive? You were going to exercise? You were going to use your brain power to write an essay? Think again. When you're studying or working, it can be incredibly difficult dealing with head pain to such an intolerable extent, because you did not factor in a whole day off to be in bed. 

I've noticed too that since headaches from sugar, coffee, or lack of water, are common, some people assume migraines are not as bad as they seem. But no, the pain can be quite unbearable. There are varying degrees of migraines though, and I'm fortunate to not be on the even worse end of the scale, because some people are out of actions for days.

We are fortunate that in the COVID-era, teachers and employers are becoming more understanding of health issues and how they affect how we function on a daily basis. It is, at least, gratifying to see that people are understanding more and more that we need time off from things. Of course, I've also faced my own personal challenge (which I'm sure I'm not alone with) in the guilt from lack of productivity. I am telling myself that if I need a night off or some time away from a screen (which is important with headaches) that it is okay. Health comes first!

If you suffer from any type of head pain, be sure to take the right action for your health. For me, I know why I get them, but for others, you might need to seek appropriate help to understand the source of this pain. There are great resources online about dealing with migraines, from places like Health Direct. 

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