What’s in my bag

Person carrying books and backpack.

I feel like there are certain things that I will always carry with me to uni regardless if I will end up using them or not (usually I will, though). So, here’s a breakdown of those things. 

Let’s start with the no-brainers: my wallet, phone, house keys, and metrocard. I wouldn’t get very far without them. Undoubtedly. 

Then there’s my laptop. Believe it or not there was a time in my uni life where I would only use a notebook and pen to take down notes. Very analogue, I know, but this was during my earlier uni days when I was still fresh out of high school and was still very slow on the keyboard. 

It didn’t last long though. After lockdowns and online classes, I’ve become accustomed to and inseparable from my laptop. 

I never leave the house without my AirPods too. I need some soundtracks playing in the back to romanticise my walks and commute to uni. Also, you never know when your tutor might pull an emergency online class, so you have to be ready with some sort of earphones or headphones to tune in. 

Or not, so long as you don’t join in from the library. 

A spare charging cord is another tech accessory that lives in my bag. 

I also have an essentials pouch in there containing a whole range of things from mini perfumes in case I need to freshen up a little, skincare products, hair ties, and pads. The last item is crucial but certain bathrooms on campus supply free period products (for locations, click here), so it’s not so terrifying when you forget to bring your own anymore! 

I know this is contradictory to the paragraphs above, but I still carry a notebook (just a small one) and pen with me. I have to admit as convenient a laptop is for notetaking, I still find myself reaching for a pen and paper to write things down, especially when I need to do so quickly. I’m not about to pull out a whole laptop just to write an address down.

Finally, my water bottle because I’m not paying for bottled water in this financial climate. 

What do you have in your uni bag?

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