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Wellbeing in the workplace

Working at a desk

It is refreshing to see wellbeing prioritised in the workspace and it has got me thinking about how I look after my wellbeing...

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Time to binge!

Person with a movie slate board.

Some of my comfort movies that I’ll be rewatching this mid-semester break.

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The health value of good shoes

Two runners running on rocky dirt track in forest.

Only after having completely worn through my favourite set of shoes have I realised just how important they are for my physical and mental health.

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Give me a break

Person looking at the camera, laughing and leaning up against a wooden wall.

They say humour is good for creativity. Is that true?

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Looking out for your eyes

A close-up of an eye.

How many of us actually take the time to care for our eyes?

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Warding off worry

2 people walking on grass towards sun low in the sky

Are we still talking about COVID?

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Productive morning routine

An image of a sheet with a sign reading 'GOOD MORNING', a bowl of fruit, a watch, a phone, and makeup brushes.

There is a certain type of video that is always lurking on the YouTube home page. It is the infamous ‘morning routine’, a perfectly stylised video which glorifies waking up at an early hour to achieve peak productivity.

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Letting go of stuff

Boxes full of books

As always, I am a collector of crap. Before I know it, I have shelves full of things that I barely use and items that have seen better days.

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Grade fixation

An image of woman in the dark drinking from a mug and using her laptop

As we enter the point of the semester where assessments are due, I have found myself experiencing my typical anxiety to obtain the best grades possible.

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All things period related

A blue butterfly pea flower

Some people have periods! Yes! Truly! Unfortunately, it is not something people really talk about often.

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