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Reviving my Hamilton obsession

A large auditorium.

I got to revive my Hamilton obsession this month, when I got to see it on the stage in Melbourne.

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How to feel awesome every day

Juggling balls

Life is a challenge. It has its highs, it has it's lows, it has it's mediums when you don't really know what's happening, or what to do. And sometimes, we can just get plain bored. I've put together a few different things one might call some sort of bucket list to help you destroy your boredom, take a break from work and uni and brighten your life up a little. 

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It's time to discuss the cats

A ginger cat laying curled in a ball facing the camera. Her ears are out to the side and she has her paws tucked under her body.

I have this elderly ginger cat named Lucy who I love with my entire heart - but she’s a bit stupid.

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