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Reflections of time gone by

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Getting the news that I'll be moving back home made me scream with delight, but it also has made me reflect on how much moving away from home has actually done for me.

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A wistful parting

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I submitted my last assignment at the University of Adelaide last week, and am feeling weird about it.

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Learning to say goodbye

View of aircraft wings from the window

Last week, I bid my family goodbye as I flew back to Adelaide once again for my studies. I thought seeing their faces disappear as I walked past the Immigration counter would be easier the second time. I was determined not to cry. I mean, why would I, right? This isn’t my first time flying abroad alone. Well, my determination crumbled pretty quickly when I hugged my parents at the departure gate. 

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My final blog

Footprints in sand

What a year! After blogging for 30 weeks and submitting over 60 blogs – my time as a blogger is now ending.

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Goodbye to the family home

My parents have had their home (the house I spent the bulk of my childhood in in Loxton) on the market for almost two years, but it came as an almost complete surprise to get a message from Mum this week informing my and my brother that they had finally sold!

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