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What a year! After blogging for 30 weeks and submitting over 60 blogs, my time as a blogger is now ending.

I started writing blogs in May this year and it’s surreal to think that I’ve been writing weekly reflections of my life as a student at the University of Adelaide. I’ve written about my emotions moving out of home, finishing my degree – to writing blogs about my favourite things to do in Adelaide and study playlist recommendations.

In a way, blogging has been a weekly journal of the types of things that pop up throughout my weeks that I find inspiration from. It’s a record of my life for the past 7 months. It’s going to be strange not blogging anymore.

Applying to be a student blogger came out of the blue and I was hesitant as I don’t have a background with creative writing or blogging. However, I vouched for myself and wanted this unique opportunity to voice my experiences within the realm of student health and wellbeing. 

As I’m writing this blog, I’ve finished with the semester and after Summer school I complete my final subject of my Law degree. Crazy. I often reflect back on the time I decided I wanted to pursue Law. I would’ve been 17 and unsure what I wanted to do for my future. And here I am, finishing up a degree that I’ve wanted to do… even if at 22 I’m unsure I necessarily want to be a lawyer. Crazy.

Being a student blogger also meant being part of a team of talented, wholesome and wise individuals (including the staff at Student Health and Wellbeing). It’s been such a pleasure having our monthly meetings and catch ups. I’m so thankful for the memories and ability to enhance the space of mental health awareness.

2021 has treated me so well but admittedly things haven’t always been smooth sailing. Being in a good place right now makes me appreciate the happiness and memories I’ve made this year. I’m hopeful for my future (as you should be too). University is such an incredible experience that I know will always hold such a special place in my memories. I’m glad I’ve been able to push myself out of my comfort zone to meet new people and try new things.

And thank you to YOU - I’m appreciative of our readers and supporters. Thank you for allowing me to blog about my life and experiences. I’ve developed a particular style with my blogs and always finish with a question so... 

When are you the happiest?

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