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Electoral bombardment

A man standing in front of a blackboard with the word stress in chalk everywhere including across their face.

Flicking on the TV or scrolling through Facebook lately has been giving me an election information-overload headache.

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Student elections

A voting ballot box

I used to think student politics were cumbersome and uneventful. However, I have recently begun to appreciate the value and meaning they have.

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Reconciliation Week 2021

2021 marks twenty years of Reconciliation Australia and the theme is “More than a word. Reconciliation takes action,” urging the reconciliation movement towards braver and more impactful action, and more than just raising awareness and knowledge. Reconciliation is about Indigenous and non-indigenous people uniting and being one as a nation and as a people.

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My US election experience

With the US presidential election almost upon us, I have been reflecting on my experience with the most recent presidential race, that of 2016 between now President Donald Trump and then-favourite Hilary Clinton.

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Why they’re tuning in to the US presidential elections (oh and a book reflection here too)

Admittedly, we are oceans away from the US and with the pandemic, how does US politics really affect any of us? My study, you could argue, has nothing to do with it but I am a Ph.D. student researching within the realm of social sciences and leadership and inequality, and so at the very least, it is all very interesting. My supervisors have not only been such amazing teachers, but also inspiring sources of support and scholarly insight. Our meetings aren’t restricted to updates on data analysis and thesis progress, but also on how our research is relevant to what is happening in the world, to social justice, as well as scholarly and deliberate reflection. 

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