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Stage fright

I’ve previously written blog posts here on being nervous about conference presentations and public speaking in general. As a postgraduate and mature-aged student, it’s reasonable to expect that I’ve experienced plenty of them, and so when a request for a radio interview came through, I was surprised that I was more terrified than excited about this opportunity - don’t even take into account the huge wave of imposter syndrome feels that came over me!

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Ready, set, write

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Going through writer’s block? Here are some of the key things I go back to when I need a writing reset.

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(Don't) wait for it

Young woman sitting pensively with her head resting on her hand

As much as I love Hamilton, I can't say Aaron Burr gives the best advice.

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A dose of moderna

A syringe

I have officially had my first dose of Spikevax (Moderna). Yay! Getting vaccinated is another to-do item I have had to tick off my list and it was certainly weighing me down. 

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Wanted: motivation to study

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Am I a bad student? I’m already over my courses despite it only being the fourth week.

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My mid-semester paper doesn’t exist in front of the fire

I think one of my greatest refuge places is to sit in front of a fire. I grew up in the Adelaide Hills where fireplaces and bonfires were really common, so there’s a sentimental aspect to it. Watching the flickering flames and hearing the crackling of the wood is just a really tranquil place for me. It’s a place where day to day troubles don’t exist, it’s just me and the fire I’m watching.

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